Wednesday, August 12, 2015

ANF VI: Methodius on the Resurrection

Ante-Nicene Fathers Volume VI

Methodius: From the Discourse on the Resurrection

This is an excellent little reflection on how the resurrection relates to the current reality of indwelling sin. Why is it that we must die and be brought back to life, rather than instantly being made perfect on conversion, especially given that we are declared perfect, even while sin persists? The reconciliation between our declared state and our current state is found according to Methodius in what will be our resurrected bodies. Unfortunately, we don't have all of this work. But what we do have is quite good and worth a read.
But the Son of God does nothing superfluously. he did not then take the form of a servant uselessly, but to raise it up and save it. For He truly was made man, and died, and not in mere appearance, but that He might truly be shown to be the first begotten from the dead, changing the earthy into the heavenly, and the mortal into the immortal.

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