Thursday, July 9, 2015

ANF VI: Gregory Thaumaturgus Twelve Topics on the Faith

Ante-Nicene Fathers Volume VI

Gregory Thaumaturgus: Part II: Dubious or Spurious Writings: Twelve Topics on the Faith

These twelve topics are pretty short and simply and worth a quick read. In brief, each topic is a doctrine of the Christian faith followed by a short explanation of why rejecting that belief (or embracing a heresy contrary to it) ought to result in excommunication. For example:
If anyone affirms that Christ is perfect man and also God the word in the way of separation, and refuses to acknowledge the one Lord Jesus Christ, even as it is written, let him be anathema. 
This, the author tells us, is clearly contrary to the revelation in Scripture that "
God the Word did not give a man for us, but He gave Himself for us, having been made man for our sake. 
Because so much of this is focused on the Incarnation and the nature of Christ, as the Elucidation points out it's pretty obviously a document from a time long after Gregory. Which isn't tosay it isn't excellent, just that it's rightly put in the "spurious" section of writings.

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