Friday, April 17, 2015

ANF V: The End!

Ante-Nicene Fathers Volume 5


So month later, I've finally finished the fifth volume in this beast of a series. Which means I've got what, 42 left to go? Something like that, anyway. This volume is mostly Cyprian, with a good deal of Hippolytus and Novatian thrown in (Caius gets a nod too). Since I went through this whole volume a few pages at a time, I won't make extensive commentary or quotation here. Instead you can click the link below if you want to see the whole thing, or the names above to see the individual writers.


I don't know if I'll perform an exercise like this again. This kind of daily reading/blogging takes a lot of time and I have several other writing projects I'm working on (including a bi-weekly series on Machiavelli and Hobbes available here). So this and the City of God of last year may have been a one-of. If I do come back to daily blogging through the church fathers, it will be this summer. But no promises.

Oh, and a review of the book itself. This volume is worth reading, just maybe not all of it. While these authors are by and large more accessible than those of previous volumes (which I assume is caused by a combination of translation and manuscript availability), the content gets a bit repetitive. And of course as with any of these volumes the theology and exegesis aren't always as great as they could be. Still, there is gold to be mined here as we watch these faithful Christians try to obey Scripture and stay faithful to the Gospel. Though we don't always agree with their interpretations or actions, we can always benefit from their wisdom and example.

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