Monday, November 17, 2014

"City of God" XXII.4-5

Chapter 4:
Augustine again refutes those who deny the possibility of the bodily resurrection and the need for a physical heaven. In fact, Augustine points out, isn't it more remarkable that spiritual beings have physical bodies now? And if spirit and matter can be united now, how much more so when God resurrects and perfects them?

Chapter 5:
Besides, we have the resurrection and ascension of Christ as proof of the doctrine. If we believe that, there should be no more discussion on the subject. The fact that so many believe this doctrine is evidence that should convince the skeptics--all the more so if they (the skeptics) reject the authenticity of the miracles, for then you have a large number of believers without miraculous support, which is even more proof. [I know, I know, Augustine's not at his apologetic best here, but come on--he's got to be running out of steam by this point.]

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