Friday, November 7, 2014

"City of God" XXI.18-21

Chapter 18-21:
There are some who say that God will not punish forever those who remain His enemies--even the devil and the demons--because of the intercession of the saints. Not an "intercession of the saints" in the wicked sense meant by Catholics where an overflow of merit is distributed like coins to beggars, but the sort of intercession all believers are to do for their unbelieving neighbors. Just as Jonah "interceded" for Nineveh (sort-of), and the Ninevites repented, so will believers in the City of God intercede for those in hell, while those in hell will repent and all will go to heaven.
Likewise, some argue that everyone who has been baptized and taken communion, however heretical their beliefs may be later in life [and is there a better argument against baptizing infants than that?], they will be saved by their baptism and connection with the body of Christ.
Some restrict this salvation to those who have been baptized and taken communion in the "true" church, even if they later turn heretic.
And some argue that so long as one holds to legitimate beliefs and liturgical practices (baptism and communion), then our outward actions have no bearing on our salvation.

All of these are, obviously, wrong.

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