Monday, July 21, 2014

"City of God' XV.23-24

Chapter 23:
In the giants and nephilim and other such creatures and beings and people as described in Scripture, we see on display all the characteristics valued by the city of man: power, size, sexual lust, and so on:
And it pleased the Creator to produce them, that it might thus be demonstrated that neither beauty, nor yet size and strength, are of much moment to the wise man, whose blessedness lies in spiritual and immortal blessings, in far better and more enduring gifts, in the good things that are the peculiar property of the good, and are not shared by good and bad alike.
Chapter 24:
God even sets the lifespan of those in the city of man, as we see when He gave the antediluvians a hundred and twenty years to live before He destroyed all but Noah and his family.

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