Friday, June 6, 2014

"City of God" XII.16-17

Chapter 16:
If God is "Lord", and if He is so eternally, does that imply that there have always been creatures for Him to be "Lord" of? And if so, are not creatures co-eternal with God? (Even if not always the same creature, just "creatures" in general.)
As stated in a previous book, we have to remember that "time" itself is also a creation, so in a sense it's improper to speak of creation as existing before "time", so there may very well have been a time before God created anything for Him to be Lord of. And yet, we might still think of there as having always been something or someone which God created out of nothing for Him to rule over, though we don't want to push this too far into speculation:
I return, therefore, to that which our Creator has seen fit that we should know; and those things which He has allowed the abler men to know in this life, or has reserved to be known in the next by the perfected saints, I acknowledge to be beyond my capacity.
Chapter 17:
What God has before time is His Word, which is truly eternal and which was spoken before time began. So God can promise a salvation which was from eternity past without getting us too caught up in the question of how we could have been promised salvation before we existed to be saved.

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