Monday, May 12, 2014

"City of God" X.27-28

Chapter 27:
Whatever good there may have been in Plato has since been corrupted by his followers, who get caught up in pagan superstition and forget about the pure truth. They offer salvation through wicked demons, while "Christ, however, promises life eternal; and therefore to Him the world flocks, greatly to your indignation, greatly also to your astonishment and confusion. "

Chapter 28:
Those who claim to be wise stumble at the Incarnation, and do not see--even, refuse to see--that Wisdom Himself became a man, took on flesh, lived the life that you and I should have lived and died the shameful death that you and I should have died.
As a result, despite all the wisdom these philosophers legitimately do have, they miss out on eternal life.

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