Saturday, April 12, 2014

"City of God" VIII.11-13

Chapter 11:
Some people have assumed that Plato stole his material from the Old Testament--namely that when he was in Egypt he had access to the writings of Jeremiah. While Augustine rejects this particular assumption (the timing doesn't quite match up), he does grant that Plato may have been aware of the contents of the Old Testament Scriptures, especially the book of Genesis.

Chapter 12:
Aristotle (and his followers, the Peripatetics), Plato's followers in the Academy that he founded (taken over by Plato's nephew Speusippus after his death), and the neo-Platonists (such as Porphery and Plotinus) all are renowned philosophers, and all encourage the worship of pagan gods.

Chapter 13:
Plato thinks that the gods are good, and so it's okay to worship them. But he also believes that the gods delight in the theater--the very theater which he banished from his state in the Republic for being immoral. Need we even say anything else? The burden of proof is on the Platonists to reply here...

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