Wednesday, April 2, 2014

"City of God" VII.19-22

Chapter 19-22:
In the worship of Saturn (Kronos in Greek) we see that the pagans have confused worship of the creation with worship of the Creator: "Let us rather attend to and hold by this, that these interpretations are not carried up to the true God,—a living, incorporeal, unchangeable nature, from whom a blessed life enduring for ever may be obtained,—but that they end in things which are corporeal, temporal, mutable, and mortal."

In the worship of Ceres, Liber, and the sea "gods" (Neptune, Salacia, and Venilia), we see that the pagans have embraced silliness, irrationality, and sin. Very often, the pagan theologians are inconsistent even with their own beliefs: " I ask thee, O Varro, and you who have read such works of learned men, and think ye have learned something great,—I ask you to interpret this, I do not say in a manner consistent with the eternal and unchangeable nature which alone is God, but only in a manner consistent with the doctrine concerning the soul of the world and its parts, which ye think to be the true gods."

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