Wednesday, March 5, 2014

"City of God" V.7-8

Chapter 7:
When we look at astrology, we see not only its silliness but its rational inconsistency. We have to remember that not only are humans born on specific days and times, but plants and animals as well. And if we really believed that it was better to be born at one time than at another, we'd dedicate all our time and energy to the cultivation of our crops and livestock so that they too were born under favorable stars. Of course, we know this isn't true because of how much of the natural world is simultaneously born and how diverse what happens to those creatures is. A fox and a hen might be born at exactly the same moment, but if the fox eats the hen we have disproved astrology.
Why, then, do some astrologers seem to have the power to predict the future? Some of it may be luck, but some of it may be "attributed to the occult inspiration of spirits not of the best kind, whose care it is to insinuate into the minds of men, and to confirm in them, those false and noxious opinions concerning the fatal influence of the stars, and not to their marking and inspecting of horoscopes, according to some kind of art which in reality has no existence."

Chapter 8:
If we say fate and just mean "the will of God', well, that's a semantic battle not worth fighting. If we get to this point we can then begin to ask "which God?" from at least some sort of common ground.

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