Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Flavel on Pardon

"When Christ comes into the soul of a sinner, he brings a pardon with him, a full, free, and a final pardon of all the sins that ever that soul committed. This is a feast of itself, good cheer indeed.... [The] thing that makes this mercy delicious and ravishingly sweet to the soul, are the properties of it, which are four:
  1. God writes upon thy pardon FREE: it is a mercy which costs thee nothing.
  2. God writes upon thy pardon FULL: as well as free, the pardon extends to all the sins that ever thou committedst. The sins of thy nature and practice; the sins of thy youth and age; great sins and lesser sins are all comprehended within thy pardon. Thou art acquitted not from one, but from all!
  3. God writes upon thy pardon FINAL: without revocation, the pardoned soul and its pardoned sins can never more meet unto condemnation.
  4. God writes upon thy pardon SURE: It is a standing mercy never to be recalled, vacated, or annulled. 
Now the labouring conscience that rolled and tossed upon the waves of a thousand fears may drop anchor, and ride the quiet in the pacific sea of a pardoned state... This is heavenly manna, the sweetness of it swallows up all expressions, all conceptions; no words, no thoughts can comprehend the riches of this mercy."

-Works of Flavel, Vol. 4, 214-216

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