Friday, October 5, 2012

The Strength and Weakness of the New Left

The legit criticism by the New Left of America is that it is overly materialistic: "[The New Left has] understood the growing totalitarianism of our technological, centralized society. Theirs is the existentialist revolt against the dehumanization of our modern world, the transformation of man into an object. It is the search for authenticity in the midst of depersonalization and objectification. They are asking whether technology and bureaucracy can be mastered and put to the use of man, or whether we are doomed to a technocratic totalitarianism." 
The legit criticism by Christians of the New Left is that it fails to understand sin: "[The New Left has] a profound understanding of how sin (alienation) is a product of our social structures. they fail to recognize, however, that sin also has personal roots." 

-Arthur Gish, "The New Left and Christian Radicalism", 22, 46

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