Monday, May 30, 2011

Some things never change.

"Surely evil people desire to live without fear, just as good people do. but the difference is as follows. Good people pursue this by turning their love away from things that cannot be possessed without risk of losing them. Evil people, on the other hand, try to remove hindrances so that they may securely attach themselves to these things to be enjoyed. The end result is that t hey lead a life full of crime and wickedness, a life which is better called death." -Augustine, On the Free Choice of the Will, pg 9.

What Augustine described in the late Fourth century still applies today, especially to modern Americans. The rhetoric of fear dominates our public discourse, and all our political system is focused on holding onto those things which cannot be held: health, wealth, job security, public safety, and so on. How much different then are those who value those things which cannot be lost, such as peace with God, forgiveness, and joy?

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