Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hope for a Fallen World

So Christianity dares to proclaim, in an age of unleashed power, of ruthless reason, of unsentimental science, in a world of impersonal forces and empty spaces and appalling dangers, that the heart of reality is---a heart, a pulse of everlasting mercy, a compassion infinite, exhaustless, almighty, and enduring. The Gospel's answer to humanity's obsessive problems of anxiety, mortality and meaninglessness is short and simple: God is love. But that demands proof, and John offers it. What God is is learned from what God does... the divine nature has been manifested in human experience on the hard ground of the world's history... In the incarnation, in the atonement, we see that God is love.
-Open Letter to Evangelicals, R.E.O. White, 108.

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